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Q&A: The cast of 'Being Human' From:

Q&A: The cast of 'Being Human'
Saturday, January 9 2010, 22:15 GMT

By Dan French, US TV Editor

2009 was all about the Being Human boys: within a matter of months we gave you a sneak peek at series two via Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner. But now, since we've hit a new year, we thought it best to turn our attentions to the girls. Ahead of Human's return on Sunday, we hooked up with leading ladies Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan - the show's resident ghost and is-she-isn't-she werewolf respectively - to find out what's in store this time around. Is a happy ending in sight? Read on to find out!

Where does series two pick up?
LC: "A few things have changed: Nina's moved in and she's kind of with George, Annie's visible having confronted all of her stuff, and Mitchell is back on the wagon. Their friendships are really cemented now, so when things starts happening to them as individuals, it really changes the dynamic of the house. There's a lot more at stake now that they're friends."
SK: "It picks up 27 days after we left series one. George has killed Herrick, Annie has got her mojo back, and Mitchell feels he's moved away from the vampire lot. Meanwhile, upstairs in the bathroom Nina's discovering a couple of scratches she didn't have before and panicking! Certainly from Nina's point of view this first episode kicks off with is she/isn't she..."

And is she?
SK: "I couldn't possibly say but it's very exciting!"

Has it been different playing this new side to her?
SK: "Well, that's if there is a new side to her! I couldn't possibly say. She's a lot more present in this series than the last one. She's moved in so when we start the first episode she's living with George, Annie and Mitchell so she's very much at the centre of things."

What's her relationship with George like?
SK: "In those 27 days it's gone through a lot. You find out your boyfriend's a werewolf and that you're living with a ghost and a vampire! It's not necessarily what somebody from the medical profession would naturally encounter so that's all a bit weird. There are cracks beginning to show for various reasons."

How do you think she'd cope if she'd been turned?
SK: "In the first series you see that she's been scarred and when you first see her meet George she's very stand-offish - she's built up this barrier. Slowly, throughout the first series, you see that something's clearly gone on there and underneath she's quite vulnerable but she's learnt to cope with whatever, and you find out what those scars are in the first episode as well. So she's coped with that and I think she's very strong and she has good coping mechanisms. If she was turned she would just get on with it but it would be very difficult, naturally."

And if she wasn't would that put a strain on their relationship?
SK: "There are so many questions whether she is or she isn't - what does this mean for their relationship? Once a month do they steer clear for a couple of days? If we have kids will they be kids or will they be pups? There's lots to find out."

What's in store for Annie this series?
LC: "When we first meet Annie again, she's very excitable. But throughout the series she gets beaten down again and again and again. Poor girl! She questions the idea of a relationship, but there's not a romantic one for her at the moment. Now that she's a poltergeist, she's got an up and down journey. She's got more powers though like reading auras."

The first series had the vampire mythology as the overriding theme. Is there a big theme this time?
SK: "The overriding theme - certainly the threat last time - was vampire. This time it's human and all the more scary for it in a way. It's human - all about the humans."

What can you tell us about the end of series two?
LC: "It's very exciting where Annie ends up and it's definitely not a happy ending! There's a really exciting end and a massive twist. It happens to Annie but it has ramifications for everybody..."